How do I check Firmwire version on X27U. Tried pressing the start button but no menu show up

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Hi,I wonder how to check the firmware version on the x27u?

I've tried holding down the start button when starting the monitor but no menu show up/or info.

Greetings .

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  • Puraw
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    You can try HWINFO that scans monitor HW and firmware.

  • Ultraform
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    I tried HWinfo,/Aida64 and astra but didnt see any info about that :/

    if not this telleing what version it is "DeviceInstanceId: DISPLAY\ACR0B16\5&27E410FC&4&UID4355"

  • billsey
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    If it's going to be anywhere in the OSD, it will be in the Information section. They often don't show that, since you normally have to send it to a service center to change the firmware, and that's not done with very many models.

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