My computer can run Windows 7 64bit, but I can't seem to upgrade to Windows 11, how can I fix this?

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I can run windows 7 smoothly, so should I not be able to upgrade to Windows 11? For more information, my current desktop is a Gateway FX6860 and in theory I have the minimum system requirements, but it says I do not. I have tried doing research on this computer and what I would need to upgrade to Windows 11, but there is nothing about it.

If anyone can help me with this, please let me know! Would gladly appreciate it.


  • Puraw
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    This model comes with Intel's third-generation Ivy Bridge processors, not worth bothering with, install W10 instead. These requirements are there for a reason and I don't think it's worth the effort of trying to get round it. 😉

  • AndryR37
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    So, it just became more complicated. I was able to install Windows 11 when I had Windows 7 running. Tested everything out, and it was working. Now, my system was a dual system, so I wanted to delete all partitions that were not the main system. Unfortunately, I guess the main windows wasn't operating on the disk that said "Gateway C:/", so I must have accidentally deleted the main windows operating system and restarted the PC. After restarting, I can only enter the grub rescue state and none of the partitions have the proper filesystem. Did I just wreck my computer??