Upgrade in acer aspire 5, ssd and ram upgradeable

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Hello i have a aser aspire 5 that have a SNID of xxxx. It's specs are i5-11gen processor, 8gb ram, 1TB hdd,mx350.

Now i wanted to upgrade my laptop.i need to install a 256gb ssd and a additional 8 gb ram (for total 16 gb ram). But i have a few questions in the upgrade.

  1. is my laptop is ssd and ram upgradeable
  2. How many ram slots are there in my laptop
  3. How many ram slots are upgradeable
  4. Is there one 8 gb ram or two 4gb rams in my laptop.
  5. If my laptop has two 4 gb rams , are there any free ram slots.or do i have to remove one ram to replace with 8 gb

If you know the answers to those questions please kindly reply (don't mind the language bcs i am not very good at english)

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  • Puraw
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    Give us your full Aspire 5 model number like a515-54G, year (2021?) and we will advise you on the upgrade for your laptop.

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    Your full model number is usually on the same sticker as your serial number, it should look something like A5xxx-xxx-xxxx. You likely do have an M.2 slot for a SSD, though the slot specs will be determined by your model number. Without knowing which model you have we can't really help at all for ram and such.

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