ED273UR monitor Acer repair sent me a downgraded replacement monitor and the replacement is broken

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I have a LED 27 ED273UR monitor that had vertical glitch lines when I turn on the monitor, it is close to the end of my warranty date so I send it in for repair. I paid $40 to ship it in. Recently they told me they are unable to repair my monitor and they sent be a replacement, which is a cheaper model with similar specs. When I plug in the replacement, it's got a brand new issue. The lower half of the monitor keeps blinking back every 5-7 seconds…

They told me they give me a 90 warranty for the replacement monitor, but the issue is do I have to pay another $40 to ship the broken monitor they send me? How do I know they won't just send me another broken refurbish?

If I am getting a replacement, I really preferred to get the same model of my original monitor because I have a second one that works. Do acer care about replacing monitors or should I just sell the other monitor and avoid acer in the future..?

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    Warranty is handled differently in different locales. You really need to contact Acer support for your region to get an answer to that.

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