Helios 500 PH517-51 Getting 97C CPU 8% usage.

Saiphy Member Posts: 3 New User

I recently had it cleaned and repasted after 4-5 years of use. The temperature before the procedure was quite the same, but after doing this the laptop was physically cooler, but still the BIOS indicating hight temperature as always, its like nothing changes and a new problem appeared: now its shutting down completely at anytime, no heavy use needed. I don't have warranty anymore and I don't know if its a CPU problem (Bad luck if it is I need to get another laptop I guess…) but I heard there are BIOS settings that might help with overheating. I use it mainly for work but also gaming and it runs smoothly most of the time, some ocasional freezings. So I wonder how can I fix this if cleaning and stuff didn't work a bit.

The pic is its state right now. I'm using Opera GX to write this and steam and discord is open too, nothing else and the usage is only 3%, the air coming out of it is COLD, and whole laptop feels cold (before the maintanence it was HOT ALL THE TIME) and I can't understand, please someone enlighten me about this. Should I just give up and get another one?