Some keys are not working proper on my laptop Acer sp314-2

Some of the keys are working and some not even my pointer is also working slow and taking time to click it. Can you tell me what’s the problem and if it could be solved?


  • Catalex54
    Catalex54 Member Posts: 5 New User

    To understand if it is a software or hardware problem, I recommend you install one of the many live distributions of Ubuntu Linux (for example Mint) and see how the keys work with any editor program.

  • billsey
    billsey ACE Posts: 31,167 Trailblazer

    Which keys do not work? Do they do nothing, or something they shouldn't? If your pointer is slow or jerky then there is likely something in the background that is hogging resources. How much memory do you have? Which OS is installed? Do you have a HDD or a SSD?

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