What is the best way to obtain meaningful support from Acer.Issues with the speakers CB241HH?

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I have tried "Acer Support" but despite being given a case number I think I just got connected with a "parrot".

I'm having issues with the speakers on my CB241H monitor. The monitor has an Audio In connection, the menu system has a Volume control, the PC connected to it has identified it as an audio device and dowloaded the device drivers for "Acer CB241H (AMD High Definition Audio Device)" and the User Manual even geives advice on "listening levels". However, the "parrot" dealing with my case simply repeats: -
"Sadly, Your monitor does not have speakers.

We apologize for the inconvenience. "

Where do I go from here?

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    There are a lot of different SKUs for the CB241H model line. Some have speakers, some do not. They are typically a few dollars cheaper without. From the description of the ports it sounds like yours does, but do verify it's an audio-in port and not an audio-out port. An audio-out port would mean there aren't speakers internally.

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