Acer Predator PH315-55 Laptop freezing and audio stuttering. Have to hard shutdown.

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My laptop specs:

Acer Predator PH315-55

Intel i9-12900H 2.9GHz

Nvidia RTX 3070Ti


Windows 11

The Problem

From time to time and seemingly out of nowhere, my laptop would just freeze with the audio stuttering (repeating the audio in a glitchy way). I cannot move my cursor or do any actions on the keyboard so the laptop is completely unresponsive and all I can do is hard shutdown by holding the power button.

Sometimes, it even freezes with green and pink dots/pixels on the screen. And sometimes it happens in quick succession. I would hard shutdown and then when I boot it up, it's not even 10 minutes later it happens again. I noticed that it happens when I'm watching media or streaming or playing games.

On the event viewer, the only thing I can see that happens before the shutdown is a warning from Hyper-V: "The hypervisor did not enable mitigations for side channel vulnerabilities for virtual machines because HyperThreading is enabled. To enable mitigations for virtual machines, disable HyperThreading." Not sure if that's pertinent though but I'm highly suspicious because it's the only consistent thing that happens before the freeze.

Forgot to note that temps are relatively normal too. On idle CPU is around 55 and GPU is 47. While gaming they never go above 65+.

What I tried

  • Updating my GPU drivers. Even rolled it back.
  • Running windows memory diagnostic to see if it's my RAM. Says no errors.
  • Also tried disabling Core Isolation memory integrity.
  • Tried updating BIOS but when I click the installer it does nothing for whatever reason.

I'm currently at a loss. Already googled this in a lot of places but the solutions just don't work. Hoping someone here can shed light on this frustrating issue.

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