In Nitro5 AN515-57 the battery does not work properly!

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The problem I encountered in the Nitro5 laptop (model AN515-57) is as follows:
When the laptop is plugged in, Windows 11 announces that the battery is fully charged and the battery light is blue. But when I disconnect the laptop from the power supply, the charge suddenly drops to 0%, the battery light turns orange and flashes, and the laptop turns off.
where is the problem from?
I also updated the BIOS, it didn't help!
I also removed the battery driver, but it still didn't help!

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  • Puraw
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    2-year-old laptop so the battery should be Ok. If the warranty already expired and you are prepared to open up the back, try this:
    Power drain, DDR4 modules connection check + CMOS reset: Open the back of the laptop and disconnect the battery cable from the motherboard. Locate the CMOS module (with 2 twisted wires Red and Black under the battery, see picture) and remove the coin battery. Shorten the +/- contacts inside the CMOS capsule for 2 seconds with a bended paperclip and put the coin battery back with the + sign facing up, close the CMOS capsule. Unseat and firmly reseat the DDR4 modules in the slots. Next, press the Power Button on the keyboard for 10-15 seconds after that reconnect the battery cable to the motherboard. Close the laptop, plug-in the adapter and try to boot.

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    Interestingly, this problem has been fixed after about two weeks! Without making any changes! I don't know, maybe this problem will come back again...
    Do you think it is a software problem?