Acer Nitro 515-58. NVidia GPU completely gone After System Reset

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I was simply browsing when all of a sudden I got BSOD. When I restarted my laptop, I noticed my Nvidia GPU has Error 45 in Device manager. Tried running troubleshoots(SFC /scannow, chkdsk) but nothing really happened.

Layed off my laptop for several hours then when I booted it up, the Error 45 was gone. But only after a few minutes of run time, I got BSOD again, and the same issue persisted. Tried updating drivers but It simply cannot detect my Nvidia GPU because of the Error.

Lastly I tried system reset(removed all files + Reinstall windows), but after completing the reset, I can no longer find my GPU in device manager.

I do not know much about computers, so any help, tip, or suggestions is highly appreciated. Thank you.

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    What laptop model have you got? As Error 45 is most likely triggered by irregularities in the Windows operating system environment. It might be connected to a system glitch or malfunction. Inconsistencies or poor code in drivers have also been reported as possible causes of Error 45. Perhaps, your computer is struggling to detect the hardware device because the connection that should trigger the recognition facility is not good or secure enough.

    The best solution is to 1st do a Hard Reset by taking the main battery out, disconnect the bios battery and short its +%- pins to reset CMOS and then take the ram out and leave the laptop like that for 1 hour, then reconnect all components then see if the gpu is recognised, if not then try the last thing of doing a Clean Install of Windows to see if a reinstall with completely new drivers will solve error 45 and make the computer recognise the gpu?

    If all the above doesn't fix your error 45 and recognition of the gpu, then your gpu is faulty and burned out, as most likely a mosat burned out and a high current was allowed to destroy the gpu chip of your laptop which can't be fixed, and you will need a new mainboard. Good luck and hope this helps you out.

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    Thank you for the reply! I really appreciate it! I have an Acer Nitro 515-58.

    When I do a Hard Reset, do I have to do specific preliminaries before performing it? Or do I just shut down the laptop like you would normally do? And when taking out/reconnecting the components, do I have to it in specific orders? I really hope that this isn't a hardware issue as it would most likely cost money to repair. Once again thank you for the reply I'll update you after trying a hard reset.

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    Hi StevenGen

    I just did a hard reset on my laptop and initially my Nvidia GPU was readable, no problem whatsoever. I (for whatever reason) then restarted my laptop, then while restarting, I got BSOD again and the problem was "Driver power state failure". After my laptop restarted my Nvidia GPU again has Error 45.

    At least now my GPU is found in Device manager even though it has Error 45, this way I guess we can say it is not a hardware issue. Any tips? Thank you.