Aspire TC-391, GTX 1660 & 500w PSU would this fit in this device

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I've researched this left and right, and I'm seeing conflicting answers.

I want to update my graphics card , currently looking at GTX 1660. Will I have the physical space for this? Are there any other pitfalls?

And this card needs more power, so I am looking at a 500w PSU. Some threads say no upgrades, and others say go ahead. What's the final consensus?

Reason for the upgrade is that my daughter is a new digital artist, and light gamer (think roblox and steam sourced games). She has 2 monitors and a Huion Kamvas pro 16 tablet. We're able to run all 3 displays, but they're kind of rigged. I'd like a graphics card that can handle these easily (sometimes they glitch out), plus help with her artwork.

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    Your TC-391 uses the smaller flex style power supply, and it's an ATX12VO single rail design in order to meet Intel's specs. The largest supply Acer provides for these is a 250W, so it will be problematic to try and find a 500W to fit and work with the 12VO design. It's going to be a heck of a lot easier to just replace the system with one that is bigger to handle the better GPU than to mod this one…

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