Camera on/off notification whenever browser or game is running

minimalmouse Member Posts: 1 New User

I've made this account just to find a resolution for this, because it is really annoying me. I have had my Acer Predator Helios 300 for 2+ years, it works great. A month ago my camera stopped working, and I fixed it yesterday by simply disabling and enabling it.

However, ever since, I am getting the notification that my camera is "on" whenever either my browser or a game is running. I've checked for Wave Audio Maxx on my laptop, but it doesn't appear to have that program.

This is very annoying, as the notification takes up a large amount of screen space and will go from "camera is on" to "camera is off" again quickly before fading — this is most notable by opening up youtube. Upon loading the YT page itself (with no video playing) I get the notification my camera is "on." Only when I go to play a video the camera will notify me it is "off" again. The light by the camera does not turn on however, so I don't know if it truly is "on" or "off".

Things I have tried:

  • Looking for Wavemaxx audio (it does not appear to be installed on my laptop)
  • Disabling my camera in its entirety in settings (no change)
  • Restarting my laptop after disabling the camera (no change)

Any help would be really appreciated. I do worry someone may be spying on me or something, but why only when I open youtube or play a game?