The Acer Nitro An515-43 laptop powers on and then shuts down

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I have an Acer Nitro An515-43 and when I turn it on it powers on. The keyboard lights up, the fans spin and everything then after a few seconds it shuts down. For extra information that might be relevant, I upgraded my screen from 60 to 144hz and everything is fine and the laptop was still powering on after I upgraded. Another piece of info that might be of some use is that I noticed the camera is automatically turning on and overheating so I decided to unplug the cable powering it. (side note I also changed the EDP cable from 30 to 40 pins and I bought the correct EDP cable). After upgrading the laptop I set it aside for a few hours since I head out and when I was about to use it later that night, the problem started.

I've already tried the following:

-Resetting the ram

-Draining the power by unplugging the battery and the CMOS then holding the power button for different times (15 seconds, 30 seconds, 1 minute, and 1 and a half minutes)

So far I still haven't foix and I really need help

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    You've already taken some troubleshooting steps, but there are a few more things you can try to identify and resolve the issue with your Acer Nitro AN515-43 laptop:

    1. Revert Changes:
      • If you made any hardware changes (e.g., upgrading the screen, changing cables), try reverting those changes to the original configuration. Ensure that the laptop functions properly with its original components before introducing any modifications.
    2. Check for Loose Connections:
      • Open up the laptop and check for any loose connections, especially around the areas where you made changes. Ensure that all cables and components are securely and correctly connected.
    3. BIOS/UEFI Update:
      • Check if there is a BIOS or UEFI update available for your laptop on the Acer support website. Sometimes, updating the system firmware can address compatibility issues and improve stability.
    4. Run with Minimal Hardware:
      • Disconnect external peripherals, including the upgraded screen, and run the laptop with minimal hardware (only essential components connected). This helps eliminate the possibility of a faulty external device causing the issue.
    5. Memory Test:
      • Even though you've reset the RAM, consider testing it using a memory diagnostic tool. Some laptops have built-in memory diagnostics that can be accessed during the boot process.
    6. Check for Overheating:
      • Overheating issues can cause laptops to shut down abruptly. Ensure that the cooling system (fans and heat sinks) is working correctly. Clean any dust or debris that may be blocking airflow.
    7. Check Power Adapter:
      • Ensure that the power adapter is functioning correctly. Sometimes, a faulty power supply can cause erratic behavior. If possible, try using a different, compatible power adapter.
    8. Professional Diagnosis:
      • If the issue persists after trying the above steps, it might be beneficial to seek help from a professional technician or the manufacturer's support. They can perform more in-depth diagnostics and repairs if necessary.

    Remember, if your laptop is still under warranty, contacting Acer support would be a good idea. They can guide you through the troubleshooting process and provide assistance based on the laptop's specific model and warranty status.

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    I've already done almost all of it (1,4,5,6, and 7) and i also tried inserting a different ram (from a different working laptop) to see if thats the issue. I also tried resetting the cmos as well as changing it (i have a spare cmos with the same voltage and mah) but still not fixed. I also tried turning on and disconnecting the ribbon from the power button to see if that's the issue but it isn't.I also tried removing one of the ram and trying it to see if one of the ram is defective but its not. Also tried doing the same to the ssds but the issue is not there. I've pretty much tried all the possible fix and did it one by one and still no fix

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    I also tried disconnecting everything and still doesn't work. Another info I want to add is that when I was looking for tips on how to upgrade the screen. I saw a tip where they say that it's possible that the laptop will be only capable to go to 120hz and to update the bios to make it 144hz and I did just that. When i did it, the bios version says that I'm already using the up to date version so I just didn't mind it and settled for the 120hz. I then unplugged the wire connecting the the camera as I said since its automatically turning on and overheating. Then I restarted the computer and everything is fine up until later that night when I tried to use it again

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    It seems like you've already tried some basic troubleshooting steps. Given the information provided, there are a few potential issues you could explore:

    1. Hardware Connection Issues:
      • Double-check all the connections you modified during the upgrade, especially the EDP cable and the screen. Ensure they are securely and correctly connected.
      • Revert any changes you made recently and see if the issue persists. This could help identify if the problem is related to the modifications.
    2. Overheating:
      • Ensure that the cooling system (fans and heat sinks) is functioning properly. Overheating can cause unexpected shutdowns.
      • Check if there's proper thermal paste application on the CPU and GPU. If not, reapplying thermal paste might help with the overheating issue.
    3. BIOS/UEFI Update:
      • Check if there's a BIOS/UEFI update available for your Acer Nitro model. Sometimes, updating the system firmware can resolve compatibility issues and improve stability.
    4. Software/Driver Issues:
      • Boot the laptop in Safe Mode to see if the issue persists. If it doesn't, there might be a problem with a recently installed driver or software.
      • Update all drivers, especially graphics and chipset drivers, to the latest versions.
    5. Battery Issues:
      • Check the battery health using diagnostic tools if available. A failing battery could cause unexpected shutdowns.
    6. Professional Inspection:
      • If the issue persists after trying the above steps, it might be worth consulting with a professional technician or Acer support for a more in-depth inspection.

    Remember to document any changes you make during the troubleshooting process, and if the laptop is under warranty, contacting Acer support would be advisable before attempting any major hardware changes.

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    Does the laptop stay on if the EDP cable is disconnected? Make sure that the battery is disconnected first before working with the EDP cable.

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