Acer aspire 3 Battery issue? performance is considerably dropped

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Hello, I have Acer aspire 3 ( model no: N20C5). It stops working when I unplug charger, even though it has 100% battery. I even installed a new battery, but it is still facing same issue.

After plugging charger , laptop starts working but it’s performance is considerably dropped now it takes a lot of time to open up up browser, even to open setting.

Please suggest me how to resolve the issue.

Thank you

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    Check if there is a small pinhole in the back of your laptop (with a battery sign) and stick a pin in that hole till you feel it click (micro switch), keep pressing the pin for a few seconds. This will reset the battery.

    Power drain + CMOS reset: Open the back of the laptop and disconnect the battery cable from the motherboard. Locate the CMOS module (with 2 twisted wires Red and Black) and remove the coin battery. Shorten the +/- contacts inside the CMOS capsule for 2 seconds with a bended paperclip and put the coin battery back with the + sign facing up, close the CMOS capsule. Next, press the Power Button on the keyboard for 10-15 seconds after that reconnect the battery cable to the motherboard. Close the laptop, plug-in the adapter and try to boot. If you still face battery issues and you are sure you installed the correct new battery model for your laptop, uninstall the 2 MS battery drivers (red circle below) and just reboot:

    If none of this helps, I recommend bringing the laptop to Acer Services in your country.

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    Thank you for replying but the problem still didn’t got solved. I checked new battery was of correct model