Acer Chromebook CB311 power on issues and the battery wasn't lasting long.

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I have just replaced the battery on my Chromebook as the battery wasnt lasting long, and it had problems booting up.

The new battery is great and lasts forever, the health is fine. But...I still have problems trying to power it on. I often have to disconnect the battery, power it on, and reconnect the battery whilst its booting. I can then then turn it off, leave it for an hour and it will always startup fine with or without a charging cable in.

However, If i leave it for 2-3 hours plus, it just won't power on, i see a flashing orange light and thats it. In order to be be able to use it, i have to repeat the battery disconnect/connect thing which is a massive pain.

Ive tried all of the startup key combinations without any success.

To get it repaired will probably cost more than what its worth and this is driving me mad...

Any ideas anyone, please

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  • billsey
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    The flashing amber light indicates the system is seeing bad data from the battery, either due to an actual bad battery or due to a battery that doesn't provide quite the same data as the stock one does. Was the battery you purchased an Acer part or third party? Sometimes the generics can be problematic…

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  • gsw5700
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    It was an Acer battery, i ran it all day today on the battery in order to run the battery down. I then charged it back to full (all good)

    Ive just switched it on and Ive got the blinking orange light again...!

    If i disconnect the battery, and reconnect it whilst booting, it will be fine.

    So... It charges fine, the battery charges fine, it runs fine. Battery health is always fine. If you power it off and leave it for 2-3h plus, it wont start ... ????