Update Has Caused Blurred Font in Acer A515 series

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I updated my Intel graphics drivers through the 'optional updates' available in Windows Update and apon restarting was faced with weird look font across the whole system. Text appears blurred and funny looking.

On checking device manager, for some strange reason, the 'roll back updates' option is greyed out. I want to try updating the graphics driver (Intel HD Graphics 620) directly from the manufacturers website via a clean install to see if that fixes any issues, but couldn't find the link for my particular laptop model.

I can't use the Intel automatic detection software as it severely caused my laptop to hang the last time I attemped to install drivers from there. Eventually forced me to flash a new image of windows 10 via the media creation tool, so now Im trying to do it myself via a clean install process.

Does anyone have a link directly to the graphics driver installation page for the Acer A515 series that runs Windows 10 Home x64-bit I can use to perform a clean install?

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    I don't recommend using the Intel Driver Support Assistant (DSA) with Acer systems as most of Acer's drivers are custom made (modified). Did you look in Device Manager Display adapters if the new Intel driver is listed, try to "update" to the previous version:

    You cannot roll back 3rd-party updates like you uninstall Windows updates. The only way is to restore your system to a date before you did the update: Type Restore in Windows Search and click on "Create a restore point" then click on "System restore" at the top of the window and select a date.