Can't repair, can I do replacements for Acer PO3-640-UA91

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I have a PO3-640-UA91 that's been non functional for the past 5, coming on 6 months, and Acer wouldn't repair it because they labeled it as a potential health hazard. didn't even provide a diagnosis on what exactly is wrong with it. I tired a 3rd party repair BEFORE even shipping it off and they couldn't fix it.

is it at all possible to get a replacement PC with similar capabilities as this PC?

I don't have any money at the time, and what little I can get goes towards household expenses, so purchasing a new one myself would be incredibly difficult and would only be done after my warranty expires. if it's possible, honestly, the price of the replacement doesn't have to even be the same, nor does the make and model. the capabilities is all I care about

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  • Hi @deanb04 Acer customer service or support does not participate in the community, my recommendation is that you contact the nearest Acer office directly:

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    What is actually wrong with the system? Did you have a spill of some sort that would make them think it's a health hazard?

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    Hazard?!? I want to know too.

    Do you know what is broken? If you do not know, is it possible for you to check what is kaput? Take out one component at a time and see if it works in other computer?