sound is terrible on : facebook/ messenger /video call/zoom

Pixianna Member Posts: 1 Newbie

hi, I am in school and need to use this computer for streaming/teaching

sound problem: how do I turn off the compressor, limiter on video calls?

what it looks like: teacher is in mechanic shop narrating a repair. dead silent no sound, but I can see them swinging a hammer, dead silent, using power tools, no sound, arch grinders, propane torch.. no sound at all… then come to camera to teach, and I see the teachers mouth move and THEN audio comes in after a half second of delay.

audio does not pick up one word replies, ambient sound, background noise.

if I ask a question, and the teacher gives a one word reply, it does not pick up.

my old computer allowed me to hear everything in the shop.

if my teacher says "listen to how it sounds when turn on the engines"

I will hear "…(see teacher speaking) ….it sounds when we turn on the engine" and not hear the sound of the engines turning on, or any background sound at all

its like watching a movie on mute, and you only get dialogue 1-2 seconds after the character starts speaking.

please help