Pulsar Lighting not working How do I fix this?

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The pulsar lighting on my laptop is only showing the default blue color and I can't make it change to anything else. How do I fix this?

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  • StevenGen
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    The lights colors and rainbow pattern are changed in either Nitro Sense if you have a Nitro laptop or Predator Sense if you have a Predator laptop, which laptop do you have and which model do you have? As asking a basic question like that we cannot give a definite answer.

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  • ex2uply
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    I have predator neo 16 (i5/4050). The pulsar lighting sectioin in predator sense is not able to change the ligthing. The only way I can control it is through keyboard shortcut to change the brightness(the default blue color brightness.)

  • theawwesomeeridan
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    I bought the same laptop yesterday and have also been unable to change the lighting from the predator sense.