Why my camera is not working? (Acer Nitro AN515-58)

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The built-in webcam is not working. (Acer Nitro AN515-58)


  • I made a video call using desktop whatsapp (not web)
  • about 20 minutes, videocall while playing games (the videocall screen is minimized in the corner of the screen) and this goes well with my camera.
  • after finishing playing the game, I close the game (video call using whatsapp is still ongoing)
  • after the game closed, and I returned to my video call screen (maximize window) suddenly my image did not move but the camera led was still on. about 1 minute just appeared "camera is being accessed another app"
  • have tried diagnosing from the windows troubleshooter, have uninstalled the driver, have enabled disable the driver, have tried uninstalling and then restarting the laptop, have tried shutdown, unplug the power, turn it on again.

if I try to test the camera with other apps like zoom or microsoft teams, no image appears, just a blank screen, but the camera LED lights up when used, and the camera is also detected by microsoft teams.

maybe someone has experienced it?