Acer Aspire 3 Windows 11 with Audacity and still doesn't work properly.

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Hi, I have just purchased a new Acer Aspire 3 laptop (Windows 11). I preciously had an Acer Aspire 5750 (Windows 10).

I have been digitising my collection of vinyl LP's using Audacity & Magix Audio premium software for the last five years or so without any problem whatsoever.

I have now switched to using Windows 11 with the same software and it seems as though they are incompatible with each other.

I have downloaded the latest version of Audacity to make sure the software is ok.

It is the recording mode that is the problem. I am using a Rega Mini Phono preamp connected to the usb port. Windows 11 recognises the the preamp (USB Audio Codec) and seems to work fine. Audacity also recognises the recording and playback device. the sample rates are matched but when the audio is played into Audacity the input recording meter does not display the meter fluctuations and the incoming signal does not record. I have set the system up exactly as my version on Windows 10 but it still doesn't work properly. Sometimes there is a meter reading but it will disappear when the record button is pressed. It seems like there is a conflict somewhere.

Any help would be appreciated.


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    I strongly suggest that you keep doing what you did before and use the Audacity & Magix Audio premium software and convert your vinyl's the way that you did before with the Aspire 5750 laptop and Win-10, as you will get NO advantage doing things with the new Aspire 3 laptop and with Win-11. The Aspire 5750 laptop especially upgraded to its max 8GB ram (2x DDR3-1600MHz ram) and an SSD 2.5" HDD is a very solid tool for what you are doing, I can vouch for this as its done this for me since 2011 in many ways and since I bought this laptop new, so keep on using the Aspire 5750 and don't complicate or wreck anything with the new Aspire 3 and Win-11😁👍

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    Hi Steven,

    Thanks for your prompt response regarding this issue. I think that you are probably right with your suggestion but it doesn't cure the problem. The reason for the new laptop wasn't anything to do with the performance of Acer 5750 it was because every now and then I have a malfunction on the Aspire 5750 resulting on a restart. I was just worried that I will lose my recorded data. I still think that with the Aspire 3 and Windows 11 it is a bug issue because the actual software itself is simple (record / playback). Do you think that it is worth contacting either Acer or Microsoft regarding this problem?



  • I don't know which exact model Aspire 3 you have but the software that you are using the Audacity & Magix Audio premium should have a bug free version for Win-11, maybe use another software but always back your vinyl conversions up on an external drive so that there is absolutely no danger of you losing your data, as Win-11 is not a failsafe operating system and does crash especially now with this Microsoft new version of Win-11 23H2 that I’ve had problems with a Cumulative Update so be very careful.

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