Acer predator x34p eeprom (bios) recovery

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Hey all, I am in the middle of repairing my Acer monitor and have had to replace some faulty microcontrollers causing the black screen issue affecting these monitors.
Due to the replacement of the microcontroller, I am no longer able to boot the monitor and I am hoping that Acer may be able to help and provide the required files to flash the microcontroller (I have called Acer support multiple times on this and gotten nowhere).
Or someone has flashed and recorded the microcontroller and has the files needed to get this monitor working again.

Please help


  • billsey
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    Acer support is likely going to be the only venue for you. They might be able to flash it for you at one of the service centers and that is likely going to be easier to negotiate than getting the files from them.

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