Acer predator helios 18-71 disconnected second NVMe SSD and black screen on startup

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I’ve just got an issue with my 3-4 months bought laptop. I did install 2 months ago an 1tb Samsung NVMe ssd on it and everything went fine until now.
It suddenly disconnected without any warning, I tried to restart the laptop, now only the main one was left, tried to restart again to get into the bios and now I only got a black screen without any light, keyboard not even lighted up, and the fan is running. Only the heat block and the predator boost buttons on the left are lit up. Restarting it doesn’t fix it, even trying into bios or boot doesn’t do anything.
is this an issue I could fix myself? Or do I need to send it in. And is the warranty void because I installed an ssd in it?

Thanks in advance for answers.


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    Seeing that you opened the laptop and fitted another M.2 SSD, which I don't know if you have voided the warranty? The only otion you have left is to do a Hard Reset, which entails for you to remove the fourteen (14) screws from the base cover, carefully pry up the base cover starting from the ventilation slots on top of the system to release the latches, then disconnect the battery cable from the mainboard connector, disconnect the RTC battery cable from the mainboard connector (A) and short the +&- plug pins to reset CMOS. Then take the ram out and leave the laptop like that for 15min.

    Reconnect all components back again, as all this will reset a frozen IO, Chipset or bios and should make your laptop boot perfectly, btw this happened to my new Nitro 5 laptop and after I've done a Hard Reset it never ever did it again, so try this first, as and if this doesn't fix your problem, I don't know if you have voided your Predator PH18-71 laptops warranty, as you will have to send your laptop to Acer Tech Support for repairs, as a new laptop should NOT have any issues with powering up and/or to have a black screen. Good luck and hope this helps you out.

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