Laptop stuck on startup/repair screen What can I possibly do now to troubleshoot password hurdle?

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Just to expedite this process, here’s what the problem is and what has happened so far:

• Laptop is stuck on a loop on startup whether it is trying to diagnose/repair or if it’s just starting up

• I have tried starting in safemode and disabling the Malware scanner for startup or whatever it says to try in the forums

• Now I am on the step where I want to go into other options, worst case scenario factory reset

• I need to put in my password to try anything else - I have put in every variation of every password I have used for any account ever with no luck

• My laptop is linked to my Microsoft Live account and I verified that when I went and reset that password - still says I am using an incorrect password when I try and restart the laptop

What can I possibly do now to troubleshoot this password hurdle?

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