Is my laptops backlit broken? Cant verify cuz keyboard isn't working. Weird Backlit Problem A715-71G

cyancxcvxc Member Posts: 1 New User

My laptop's backlit slowly stopped working. Every time i got some other problem with my laptop and i had to fiddle around to fix it, My laptops backlit stopped working. The thing is that i cannot verify its broken for sure, it could be just turned off, Some of the keys in my laptop are not working, In the following image shows which, the white are working keys[F1, F2, TAB, etc are working], while other are not working, i needed F9 key to toggle backlight. Is there any way around it.

Things i have already done [I have cleaned the keyboard ribbon cable, reinstalled drivers, there is nothing on bios about keyboard, I unplugged and replugged battery, i even unplugged and replugged cmos while i was in there]

The weird thing about it is that it didnt happen all of a sudden, couple days ago i had some problems with my laptop and after i fixed it (i had to open the laptop), the backlit used to work only when charger was plugged in. so it didnt went bad suddenly, it stopped working one step at a time.