Acer Aspire 7 A715-72G-74 (not changing power/not working) !

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Hi everyone,

I used to play PUBG on Steam, and it worked well for me for a while. However, after that, even when I plugged it in to charge, my battery stopped working.

The laptop will instantly shut down if the power goes to 0%. When I plug in to check what occurred,  it says I'm not connected and there's no light! Now, what should I do?

What the advice would you give me? - Cable for charging? Is the battery broken?

I'm not sure.

My laptop general info:

Name: Acer Aspire 7 A715-72G-74

CPU: Core i7 8th & NVIDIA GeForce GTX

RAM: 32 GB / Disk: HDD 1TB


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  • The Aspire A715-72G is a 5 year old laptop and a battery that is used for steaming and hard use will wear out, which is probably what happened to your battery, the first fix for you to consider is to buy a new battery, as batteries don't last forever, below is a list of the Acer genuine tested and compatible batteries for the A715-72G that you should buy, only buy genuine Acer replacement batteries DO NOT BUY OR USE the cheap old batteries that are sold on eBay, Amazon or allot of battery retailers on the web, as those batteries are just old rejuvenated batteries that are refurbished and are dangerous and don't work!

    If the battery is not the issue after you changed the battery for a new one, then your laptop has issues within its charge/power rail circuitries or “it says I'm not connected” then you could have a faulty DC_IN cable or its side port is faulty, and need changing or your laptops charge/power circuitries need fixing by an experienced technician that knows how to fix and change the appropriate circuitries of your laptop.

    Check the DC_IN cable side port if its damaged or its plug at the mainboard end.

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