PH315 (2020 model) Boot Menu Advance Settings to change the SATA to ACHI

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PH315 (2020 model)
Cant open the advance settings in boot menu , it just shows a cursor and black screen when i press F1.
Tried to update bios , but it said that the bios is already updated.
Someone said to extract the file and reflash it , or said to set the update flag as 0 , still ,dont know how to do that .
Was trying to install arch and wanted to change the SATA to ACHI

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    Your 2020 Predator Helios is the PH315-53-xxxx model (that is clearly written on the back sticker of your laptop for future reference🙃) anyway, try to get into the bios through windows if your Win-10 is still installed and working, so do this:

    1. Select Update & Security.
    2. Select Recovery from the left menu.
    3. Click Restart Now under Advanced startup. The computer will reboot to a special menu.
    4. Click Troubleshoot.
    5. Click Advanced options.
    6. Select UEFI Firmware Settings.

    If you still have that installed? As the Advanced bios section does NOT have the settings to "change the SATA to ACHI" its only got the settings for the Intel VTX or Intel VTD settings in the PH315-53 bios, the SATA Mode settings are changed through the Main bios menu settings at:

    SATA Mode - [AHCI] / [Optane without RAID] / [Optane with RAID] -

    • Determines how STAT controller(s) operate.
    • This item default should be hidden.
    • Only visible if the platform support the
    function after user press Ctrl + S in this
    • The default value is [Optane without RAID].

    Do the above as reinstalling a bios and/or modifying a bios will brick your laptop and is NOT advisable, your laptop should be on the bios version 2.04 and should have gpu Firmware version v101a installed and all windows updates done including the Intel graphiucs and NVidia graphics for it to function properly.

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