Need Windows 10 Thunderbolt/USB4 drivers for Acer Nitro ANV15-51

DeepteshLovesTECH Member Posts: 1 New User

Hi all, I have the Acer Nitro V i5-13420H with RTX 4050 and it comes out of the box with Windows 11.

However Windows 11 is not an ideal choice for me, so I downgraded to Windows 10 which simply works better for me and feels much snappier.

All drivers are working perfectly fine except for one i.e. Thunderbolt4/USB4. For Windows 11, it's not required to have a separate Thunderbolt driver as it's part of the OS itself (USB4 Host Router Microsoft) and so there is no TB4/USB4 driver in Acer Support for this device. However since I'm on Windows 10, I need that. Older Nitro devices have separate Windows 10 drivers for TB4 which are no longer needed in Windows 11.

So is it possible to provide me with a generic USB4 driver? Or help me with a way to extract the driver from my Windows 11 installation and install it in Windows 10.