Why is my Acer Predator Helios Neo 16 (i7 13th gen, 4050 ) taking 6-7 seconds to wake up from sleep?

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I had purchased my laptop just a week ago . It has i7 13700hx processor and still taking 6-7 seconds to wake up from sleep mode 🤔……My friends laptop with i7 12700h wakes up within a second. Inspite of having such a high processor, why is it taking that long, also my boot in 10-15 seconds, doesnt sounds good. Please tell a solution to both my sleep and boot time.
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  • Hi @WiTheR5368 It will depend on the processes that are suspended in the background, these processes are mainly related to security applications, although they may be other types of applications, it is not directly related to the type of processor or the installed memory.

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