acer aspire a15-57 wifi and internet being super weird

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Hi so for the past month or so I've been having this weird issue with my acer aspire a15-57 with 16 GB of RAM and a 64 bit operating system and 12th gen intel® core™ i7-1255U 1.70 GHz.

on occasion, with no pattern between how long it does it each time, my internet will stop working on the laptop then it will completely disappear from the mini menu where it normally sits beside blue-tooth. then it'll come back load in say my WiFi has no internet then say my internet is fine???
i really have no idea what is going on can anyone help me???

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    90% of Wi-Fi problems with Windows11 machines are router/modem or Server/ISP related. Run Ping when you experience these time-outs, paste this in the command prompt: ping -n 10 that should return with zero packets lost (picture).

    E-mail your server/ISP support and complain about your disconnect, packets lost (high latency, small bandwidth) and high Ping (I live remote with 4G, but ping in a large city with 5G should be 1-2ms only). Some things you can also try:
    Prevent Power Management from Turning Off Your Network Adapter:
    Right-click the "Start" menu icon and choose "Device Manager." In the open window, expand "Network Adapters," right-click your adapter, and choose "Properties."
    In "Properties," open the "Power Management" tab. Then, untick the "Allow the Computer to Turn Off This Device to Save Power" option. Save your changes by clicking "OK." Latest Intel drivers don't have that power option anymore.

  • Hi @blakethewolf1 Wi-Fi connections are not really reliable and should only be used when using an Ethernet cable is not possible.

    This type of connection depends on many external factors such as the type of network, 2.4 Ghz has more range than a 5 Ghz network but is more affected by external interference, the 5 Ghz network is less affected by interference but has a smaller range.

    Other factors are, in addition to distance, physical obstacles between the wireless signal-emitting router and the computer.
    Power is not a factor to take into account because it is limited and is the same in any router model.

    You can try changing the Wi-Fi broadcast channel and see if it is less affected by interference.

    For serious Wi-Fi connection problems, you can use devices such as signal repeaters that can be Wi-Fi type or PLC type that are connected to the electrical network.

    In any case, as they say, first consult your internet provider and report the problem.

    All the best.


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