PHN16-71-73lt Black screen after ram upgrade. No solution in sight?

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hello. I have a predator helios neo 16 that I bought back in September. PHN16-71-73lt.
it comes factory with 16gb total ram which has been fine but I wanted to upgrade to 32. I purchased two Corsair Vengeance 16gb ddr5 sodimm 4800mhz sticks from best buy as they are what I see constantly recommended.

When I put the new ram in.. nothing. Black screen. The keyboard lights up but a black screen remains. I tried swapping the ram into different positions, tried doing 1 factory and 1 corsair.. basically every combination to no avail. The only “progress” I did have was booting up when plugged into the charger and all that did was turn my back light on for 1 second before going back to pure unlit black screen.

My BIOS and drivers are all updated. It boots up fine with purely factory ram but won’t boot with only 1 factory ram. I’ve tried to access bios and safe mode when new ram is in but it’s all black screen still and won’t let me access it. I contacted Acer who said “looks compatible, contact corsair”. I’ve contacted corsair but await a response. Took my laptop to Geek Squad and they all also had no clue.

Short of two faulty ram sticks, I have zero clue what to do. Solutions?

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