adding a third monitor to Acer Aspire XC 1660 issues

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My Acer aspire xc-1660 was running 3 monitors, two via the internal HDMI Ports and the third via a USB to HDMI adaptor, this has stopped working.

Is there a low cost alternative to USB to HDMI adaptors, i am loath to purchase another one as i feel that the one i have is not faulty but maybe the technology has moved on and its too old?

Ive seen one with a thunderbolt to HDMI, maybe that would work?

Or should i just buy a GPU, they seem expensive and are mainly aimed at Gaming from what i can see, i am really only using office type apps so performance id not an issue.

Ideas please!


  • billsey
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    Acer doesn't specify if the USB-C port supports Alt DP mode, which is required for the cheap USB-C to HDMI or DP cables to work. If they don't then you need to use a smarter connection, that generates it's own video signal, and those aren't as cheap. A USB dock with a couple of HDMI ports is going to be a bunch less expensive than a GPU card… I'd go with one that uses USB 3.0 since that will likely be cheaper than the latest designs and plug it into one of the blue ports on the back of the system (they are USB 3.2).

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