Weak charging state notification on Acer Nitro AN17-51-781V but battery appears to still be charging

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When I plug in a self-powered Thunderbolt device, Windows pops up the "Weak charging state" notification. The battery appears to still be charging, but this notification shouldn't happen. The Thunderbolt devices I've tried are Blackmagic UltraStudio 4K and also an AJA IO 4K Plus. They both are self powered and produce the same power notification.

How do I stop this notification?



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  • StevenGen
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    For the OS to show that warning your devices must be using the AN17-51 laptops adaptor and power and that is why you are getting that warning for the "Weak charging state" notification,

    I don't know which exact adaptor you have supplied oem from Acer with the model Nitro AN17-51-781V but there are two adaptors for this Nitro model laptop, one is a 230W and the higher end adaptor is the 330W adaptor that is supplied with the AN17-51-xxxx laptops. If you have a 230W adaptor, get a higher end 330W adaptor from the list below and see if that helps and solves that "Weak charging state" notification. Otherwise use a lower end Thunderbolt capture and playback device as the one that you are using is affecting this laptops power and charging being connected to this laptop.

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    Hi Steven
    Thanks for that. I have the 330W charger, so all good there. I fear it's a BIOS/Design issue.
    The system is getting confused that a Thunderbolt device with it's own power supply is also trying to charge the laptop, which it isn't. If the laptop has it's own PSU connected, then why would you also want to charge via Thunderbolt?

    I've used these Thunderbolt devices on all sorts of laptops, just never an Acer made one, which is what makes me think it's a bit more of a BIOS/motherboard design issue.