Nitro AN515-58 32 gb ram But ı want to know single or dual?

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Nitro AN515-58

Model Numarası: AN515-58Parça Numarası: NH.QM0EY.008

my computer has 32 gb ram. But ı want to know single or dual?

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    AN515-58 RAM can be upgraded to 64GB max. with 2x slots at DDR4-3200 MHz, maximum 32GB/slot. If you see in Task Manager Performance-Memory tab that only 1 slot is used while 32GB RAM is installed it means you are running in Single Channel mode. If you see that 2 slots are used this means that 2x16GB DDR4 is installed and that will run in Dual Channel mode if the modules are identical and form a kit. To double check, download and run CPU-Z, in the Memory tab look at the top: Channel # 2 x 64-bit is Dual Channel.

  • The Nitro AN515-58 came in two different models (see caption below) which both supports a max total of 32GB ram, with either DDR4-3200MHz CL22 type ram or DDR5 type ram (which Acer does not specify), if your laptop has 32GB from Acer then its got 2x 16GB ram modules and its got Dual channel, install CPUz and look at sections Memory and SPD of your laptop that CPUz shows.

    Acer memory spec for the Nitro AN515-58 laptop

    Acer recommends these DDR4 modules