It'd be really nice if Acer devices had Linux firmware support Swift SF314-54

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Other computers, such as Lenovo, have a setting in their firmware to be put into Linux mode. It'd be really nice if Acer had this too. I only use Linux and my Acer laptop was a terrible choice. If the laptop goes to sleep it often (not always) won't wake back up and needs to be rebooted. I thought it was a problem with Linux, but after some trouble shooting and some research it's clearly a problem with the firmware.

So I am kindly asking Acer to improve their firmware so that running Linux on their devices is an option. Until then, I highly recommend avoiding Acer computers if you are planning to use Linux (not including the Windows Subsystem for Linux WSL).

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    Some Acer motherboards support Linux, older Windows versions or no OS (Free DOS), most Acer PCs are Windows machines, OS support is always mentioned in Acer guides and often in flyers, numerous online reviews, like Laptop media, discuss OS support, so you could have checked that before buying.

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    Well, yes, I should have looked closer and read details. However, I bought the laptop with the Linux OS "Linpus Lite" preinstalled, and no Windows installation. I thought that was evidence enough that it supported Linux. It's a Swift SF314-54 and I purchased it from a big brand store in Asia. I guess I was expected to install Windows on my own.

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    Yes, in some locales they supply the machines with no OS or a minimal one at a discount, due to the lack of licensing required for Windows. Your issue sounds like something in the kernel isn't handling some sleep modes correctly. That often happens for the first year or so a new laptop design is out, until the developers get caught up with the new chipsets.

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