I have an issue computer screen does not turn on

Anton1983 Member Posts: 1 Newbie

When the computer is being turned on the screen is pitch black even though it seems to start up and the keyboard lights up. Once plugged in the battery light turns blue and the light next to it turns orange and is blinking. Once unplugged the blue light turns off and the orange one keeps blinking. Is there a way to fix this issue or to figure out whats going on


  • It would be nice if you told us the model of your laptop🤣but anyway, try this first and do a Hard Reset, turn the laptop off, open the back cover and take the main battery out and disconnect the RTC/BIOS battery and sort its mobo +&- pins to reset CMOS then take the ram out, leave the laptop like that for 1 hours so that all the laptops IO, Chipset and BIOS chips rest if they are frozen.

    Replace all components except the ram if you have 2x modules, only insert 1x module to see if the ram is not faulty, as this should reset your laptop and make a blanc screen work, if the screen is still blanc then its either an eDP cable is faulty or its plug could be burned at either the screen or mobo, so check that, also check the screen. do that as that is where the faults are, which and btw you should take your laptop to a technician to fix.