Can physical damage be repairable?The connection/Joint between screen panel and the keyboard damage

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The connection/Joint between the screen panel and the keyboard is slightly damaged and hence the screen panel keeps shaking back and forth sometimes when I move the laptop. Is this repairable by any means?

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    Nope, depending on how old your laptop is you have to replace the hinge assembly, if the laptop is 4-5 years old I would not bother with it, you can try to open the panel and tighten the hinge screw or patch it up a bit when the panel/bezel is cracked with HD epoxy cement and a glue clamp but it will always be a weak point so avoid opening and closing the lid too much and help the lid opening by pushing up the lid at the bottom inside (near the keyboard) with your thumbs instead in the middle at the top of the lid, never open holding the lid only left or right as this flexes the lid and puts uneven stress on the hinges. Alternatively bring the laptop to Acer Services in your country to replace that hinge and possibly the panel frame/bezel but it will be costly (up to $200 estimated).

  • Just some additional advice as I’ve used Hot Glue on many laptops and I’m advising you from personal experience to use that, ONLY use it if you want to do a quick and easy job and your top screen case or bottom case has broken off its hinges, then use Hot Glue. That is if you don’t want to buy a bottom case or a top case or both and go through the hassle of swapping over all the components. Hot Glue is the only adhesive that is strong enough and flexible enough once it fully dries as to be solid enough to do this job as its much better and more durable than any other glue around, as a hot glue adhesive job, can also be reheated to dislodge whatever you have glued with it, never ever use epoxy or fibreglass adhesives as they don’t work.

    When you apply the Hot Glue make sure you don't use the Hot Glue Gun as a Glue Gun is not hot enough for the glue to be applied properly for these applications, the glue has to be heated to at least 450ºC and into a liquid so that the glue adheres fully.