A314-22 R2BF laptop - how do I install Debian 12

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BIOS v 1.21 windows 11

8gb ram, 128gb nvme, AMD 3250U

I want to install Debian 12 on a formatted drive.

I have been unable to change to legacy boot, but have disabled secure boot and the USB shows up on boot priority list. Supervisor password enabled. VT and iommu enabled.

Debian 12 is burned with Rufus for uefi install.

The first time I tried to install I had a black screen with boot not found. I have ethernet attached. This warning never occurred again in the 3 attempts since.

I have also tried with ventoy, and Ubuntu 23.10 gets as far as choosing Ubuntu and starting to load. The moving circle stopped after a minute and 10 minute later I shut down.

i reset the battery, but the BIOS has correct time and date.

I am creating a recovery drive for Windows as I write this. I may be stuck with it.

I would appreciate any suggestions for what more I can do to get a Linux distro installed. I expected to see advanced Ubuntu or Debian offered but the list was



UEFI tools

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