On my Aspire 315-51 Blue Tooth gets lost, each time Windows has been updated

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A simple tric appeared to be the solution: reset the battery using the little hole in the back of the laptop. Support doesn't come easily with this answer, so that's why I publish it here.


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    Uninstall the Bluetooth adapter driver in Device manager and don't download or install the driver, make sure you are on the internet and reboot, Windows will reinstall the best driver for your adapter. If you install a wrong version driver windows update will replace it each month, unless you have Windows Pro there is no way to stop that. Don't use that reset pinhole microswitch too much as you may break it and then you will be facing (major) repairs.

  • Yes and unfortunately this happens especially with the Intel BT cards and especially with the problematic Intel Killer AX1650i BT section that I’m using also, so I know the problem(s) that you are having, the quickest way is to refresh the last working Bluetooth driver version within Device Manager so do this:

    Device Manager > Bluetooth > right click on your Bluetooth device > Properties > Driver > Update Driver > Browse my computer for driver > Let me pick from a list of available drivers on my computer > then chose the last working Bluetooth driver as that will reengage the working driver.

    The Aspire A315-51 came with two different Wi-Fi/BT cards so if you have a consistent problematic driver, then it could be the Wi-Fi/BT card that could be faulty and my advice to you is to change the card to the other card that Acer fits to this laptop, as and especially the Intel cards are more problematic than the Qualcomm Atheros cards are.

    Here are the two different cards that Acer fits to the Aspire A315-51 laptops: