How to retrieve forgotten passwords

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How to retrieve forgotten passwords!

Help needed. I have 4 older versions (10 years plus) of Acer Laptops which I would like to donate however, I haven't used them in years. I can't remember any of the passwords to clear the memory for donating. Can you help please?


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    Don't worry about those passwords as the OS will be phased out and the new owners will have to reinstall W10/Linux or use the old laptops for spare parts.

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    Reinstall the Operating System:

    To download and create a Windows installation USB drive, you'll need a USB flash drive with sufficient storage space (at least 8 GB for most versions of Windows). Here's a general guide for creating a bootable Windows USB drive:

    Visit the Microsoft Software Download Page:

    Go to the official Microsoft Software Download page: Download Windows 10 (Note: If you need an older version, you may need to navigate to a different page on the Microsoft website).
    Create Windows Installation Media:

    On the Microsoft Software Download page, click on the "Download tool now" button. This tool is called the Media Creation Tool.
    Run the Media Creation Tool:

    Once the tool is downloaded, run it. You may need to run it with administrative privileges.
    Accept the License Terms:

    Read and accept the license terms.
    Choose the Installation Type:

    Select the option "Create installation media for another PC" and click "Next."
    Choose Language, Edition, and Architecture:

    Choose the language, edition, and architecture (32-bit or 64-bit) for the Windows version you want to install. If you're not sure, you can select the recommended settings for your PC.
    Select USB Flash Drive:

    Choose the "USB flash drive" option, and click "Next."
    Select the USB Drive:

    Insert your USB flash drive into the computer. Select the USB drive from the list and click "Next."
    Download and Create:

    The tool will download the Windows ISO file and create a bootable USB flash drive. This process may take some time.
    Complete the Process:

    Once the process is complete, the tool will notify you that the USB flash drive is ready.
    Now, you have a bootable USB drive with the Windows installation files. You can use this USB drive to install or reinstall Windows on a computer.

    To install Windows from the USB drive:

    Insert the USB drive into the computer where you want to install Windows.
    Boot the computer from the USB drive (you may need to change the boot order in the BIOS/UEFI settings).
    Follow the on-screen instructions to install Windows.
    Remember that this process will wipe out any existing data on the target computer, so ensure you have backups of important files if needed.

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    Hello Team,

    I do actually need to get into the computer to retrieve anything which might be personal to me, so I do need to find a way to get a new password. Unfortunately though, the kind reply above from happy laptop user is completely way above my head and I have no clue about many of those explanations. I think I will end

    up going to a local engineer to help me.

    Thank you for your replies though.