Bad service and long repair time.

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On the 27th of July we booked in an acer spin 5 under warranty at the ASolutions and speaking with [content removed] which is an Acer repair center, we got feedback that the motherboards need to be replaced, they informed us that the they do not have the motherboard in stock and will have to order Acer Europe. 5 Months past and the board has not been delivered yet, we then contacted Acer Africa, Francois van Zyl, on the 15th of November and they informed us that they will replace the laptop.

Arrangements were made for us to take our machine in on the 24th of November and to collect the replacement machine on the 27th of November when we collected the new machine, we saw that the machine that they offered us was a 2nd hand machine.

We did not accept the laptop and contacted acer Africa and told them that this machine is not acceptable, till this day my client is still without a machine, which is extremely bad for my business.

I do not know if I will ever be to trust Acer as a trusted and professional brand. They can not stand up to their warranties and we must pay the price.

It is truly sad that you must go this far and still not get service.

Is there anyone in Acer with credibility that can asset me?

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    Hello @ComputerGuys,

    We apologize for the experience you had while seeking support. To clarify, the Acer Community is not a direct support channel; it is a peer-to-peer community where users assist each other. While we may not be able to provide direct help, we would be happy to escalate your issue to local Acer support.

    Please check the private message we sent you.

    Best regards,


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