Acer KA270H Monitor not receiving image after latest Chromebook update

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After updating to the latest version of Chromebook, my Acer KA270H monitor quit receiving and image from the laptop. It shows as the extended display monitor. I have a backup Chromebook Flex that has the same issue. Once and only once, I got a message saying the monitor was not supported.

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  • StevenGen
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    Did you make sure that the OS update didn't corrupt the driver that could affect your monitor from getting an image, check also the cable for the monitor if there is any damage, as the amin issue is the graphics driver, refresh or update the driver as it should make your chromebook work with the monitor .

  • Alabaster
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    Thanks for your ideas. I am not technically minded to know how to check for corruption. I would think not since it happened on both laptops, a chromebook and a Windows converted with Chrome Flex. Since the monitor is connected to my old computer with an HDMI port, I unplugged the DVI cord and switched. The monitor works with the HDMI. Maybe the newest version of Chrome doesn't support DVI? Now I need an HDMI to DVI adapter to see if I can connect through my hub to my Chromebook which does not have an HDMI port.