How to request some mod assistance on my thread A315-24P-R6SK.

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It looks like in another thread,

I had a situation where I was put in a moderation queue, but I didn't realize it. It just appears like my post disappears after I post and there was some kind of forum bug.

It wasn't until I reattempted to post 4th or 5th time I saw a very quick toast message. But the post being held for review is not shown in the thread history (with a note that it is under moderation, and only visible to me until it is approved).

Then, on top of this, your forum software also has no easy way to report a post (that I can see). So if there is an error post that needs moderator attention, then there is no quick way to send admin a message about the specific posts.

And there doesn't seem to be any double-post detection either.

I just thought you guys might want to know.

But also I wanted to delete some of the double-posts on my thread. Who do I need to contact to do this?

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