Z1-621 Clean install Windows 10 driver errors

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Greetings Community. I have clean installed windows 10 on a new ssd on the AIO. Outstanding drivers are chipset, card reader etc. Under "other" in the device manager were "intel sideband fabric device" and intel dynamic platform and thermal framework processor participant". Installing the driver allows the device name to appear properly in the list, but after a prompted restart, the device show with an exclamation mark, and the reason being code 12(something to do with not enough memory or resources found to allow to run). Am I committing a procedural error, or driver installation order error, causing this to happen. Thanks for any insight. Note - the AIO will not properly wake from sleep, and so far, it appears that network adapters are dropping the connection after hours without activity. The connection is restored with a restart.


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    BIOS 2015/02/05 P12.A1 for this model has not been updated by Acer for W10 22H2, if you installed the latest Windows 10 version, expect major driver and update issues, either try to find the W10 Anniversary version1507 or install earlier versions like W10 19H1.

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    Thanks. How do you keep windows from auto updating beyond 19h1?

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    Ignore that, Windows 10 will work just fine. Make sure you download and install the chipset drivers before any of the others, then let Windows update do the rest of it's updates. No need to go back to really old Windows versions…

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