Need a power supply for my Acer TC-865 NESelecti5 Desktop PC

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Checked with Acer Parts providers for this orginal Power supply and the cost is $205.62 Part number= DC.3001B.005. That's too much for a 5 year old PC. Checked on Ebay and found this replacement

It says at top of AD NEW 480W Acer Aspire tc-865-neselecti3 POWER SUPPLY REPLACE 50N.12. I have a Acer Aspire TC-865 NESelecti5 not a Acer Aspire tc-865 neselecti3.

Should the Ebay power supply work in my Acer Aspire TC-865 NESelecti5? This does look like an ATX type power supply. Will there be any additional data or power cables needed in addition to what the power supply provides to support all connections needed in this type of PC.

Thanks for any help you can provide.


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    Seems OK. It's nominal 500w vs your old 300w. The genuine Acer 500w part no is DC.5001B.004 and seems quite a bit cheaper than the old 300w PSU from the usual Acer parts distributors. But still more expensive than your eBay find.

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    Yeah, your TC-865 uses a normal ATX power supply, so nothing special that I can see.

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    Thanks Jack for the additional info. When I started to look for a power
    supply for my PC, I called Acer Customer support 1-866-695-2237. The
    Agent on the phone told me Acer does not sell or provide parts for their
    pc's and they outsourced them to 2 different companies. The first
    company they gave me was Capital Data 1-800-999-4409. No one would
    answer the phone and I left 2 voice messages on 2 different days. Since
    then no one ever called me back. The other Company was Source IT
    1-866-414-9303 and when I called a guy by the name of Kevin answered. He
    sent me a link to my gmail account that sent me to their website that
    had a tool you could look up parts/prices for my type of PC. That is the
    info I provided to you that you responded too. Thanks again for the
    info provided because Source IT program does not provide the same proper
    info. Either way Source IT prices for their parts seem high and that
    why I was looking at that Ebay power supply. I was just trying to find
    out if anyone had replaced their Power Supply, had my same type of PC,
    and used that type of power supply listed in the Ebay link provided in
    my first message. The Ebay power supply is alot cheaper in price and
    searching the internet the other prices are much higher. Do you know of
    any site that sells Acer Parts at reasonable prices?

    No. Acer part no. searches usually yield pricier vendors/seller than simply
    searching the Acer model number & part you need. I try to use reliable concessionaires like Am azon & Aliex press for commodity items if possible but will use places like e bay if the vendor seems OK. If it was mine, I'd prolly give KDM a shot due to its price for what I'd consider a commodity part.

    Jack E/NJ