Predator xb273u nv monitor blinking on the right side only, Acer service does not see any issue :(

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For several months, my Acer Predator monitor (xb273u nv) is blinking only on right side, especially on low brightness. It usually starts after an hour or two of usage. It looks like the backlight is broken - the white diode(s) are constantly turning on and off. Nothing helps - changing ports, HDMI cables, conntected laptops, factory reset. The problem is definitely on the hardware side as the monitor worked fine for a few months after a purchase.

I have sent the monitor for a repair but unfortunately, Acer services does not see anything wrong. Now I am with a broken monitor and now way to fix it, even if it is still in the warranty period.

Has anyone faced any issue like that? What was your resolution?

Thanks a lot. I have recorded lots of videos showing the issue, below one of them:

Thanks once again for your help!

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  • billsey
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    Have you verified the issue is present with a different cable? that looks to me like cable issue…

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  • daxxid
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    Yes, I have tried 3 different HDMI cables also with different HDMI ports, same issue…