HDR Acer XB273K on Windows 11,HDR certification" is not found by Windows. and not compatible

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I'm using Windows 11 with this Acer XB273K monitor.
The HDR functionality worked until now, but since a few days it is no longer activated because the "HDR certification" is not found by Windows.
The HDR management by Windows 10/Windows 11 and Acer is horrible and I have a lot of bugs since the beginning with this screen, but this time it seems different and I guess this lack of certification is the reason.

What's more, I've just seen that this Acer XB273K screen is not Windows 11 compatible!
I've updated the monitor drivers but that doesn't fix the problem.
Is there another way to update this certification?
Or is the existing HDR certification for this monitor no longer compatible with Windows 11? Will there be a version upgrade for this monitor purchased 4 years ago?

Thanks for your help.


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    That's what Windows11 updates do; they constantly tweak systems to stay abreast with latest technology, you should now be on Windows11 23H2 build 22631.2715, if not click on Check for Updates. That monitor is dabbling on the lower "edge" of Windows "HDR", there is no way you can playback HDR with barely 350 nits brightness screen, don't fall for the sales hype "Up to …" 😉