Acer KG272S Display problem-very bright and distorted colors even when HDMI/DP cable is disconnected

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I bought my acer monitor 14 days ago and out of nowhere picture just went from normal to distorted. Instead of black and blue colors I get bright white and red/pink. So far I tried connecting to another PC, changed ports and cables, power cycling but nothing works. I have 2 monitors and the other one works perfect. Also it shows very bright and distorted colors even when HDMI/DP cable is disconnected (instead of black background with acer logo it shows extremely bright white background with light green logo) so it suggests a faulty monitor. What can I do?

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  • Hello! Can you still exchange the monitor at the store you bought it from?

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    Technically I can because it comes with 2 year warranty but the problem is that I bought it in another country while on a vacation and claiming warranty is not a couple hours process so I would need to stay there for couple of days or to travel there again to pick it up and that's why I was hoping that there was another way to fix it.

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    You should definitely return the monitor to the retailer or Acer Services in your home country, Acer warranty is valid worldwide.