Predator XB273U unexpectedly turns black. I need help with my monitor

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Anybody who is reading this, I need your help. In the middle of a YouTube video, my Acer Predator XB273U GX monitor unexpectedly turns black. The user interface seems to be hidden behind a layer of overlay and to double-check, the predator logo doesn't appear when you're on the screen. I have tried power cycling it without success and even unplugging and replugging it, but it still won't work. If you happen to know how to fix it, please tell me and thank you

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    Black screen, blue indicator light? if so it's dead dead.
    If you still have a warranty get it to Acer support ASAP as this seems to be a common issue across a large range of their predator monitors with them not helping anyone out of support… and expect for it to happen again after the repair is what I read.
    otherwise, if you are out of support it is a 1k+ paper weight now.

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    ****, it's going to be a paperweight after a year, the blue indication light is still on, but the screen is grey.

    Well thank you for the info.