T232HL Touchscreen Issues Loosing Calibration/Connection

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I am having problems with my T232HL Touchscreens (2); I Can Calibrate them in Windows 10, but 1-2 minutes later, the touch functionality is lost on 1 of them or both of them, or they get reversed…

I am running the most recent Drivers 2015/11/04 V2.0 it's the most frustrating thing.

Power cycling them sometimes, helps but not always. I have not lost USB connections as my Keyboard and mouse are plugged into the onboard hub. - I have also tried not having any extra devices plugged in. I own two monitors from different years. The one that's the oldest (2015) runs 90% of the time without issues. However, the Newest one (2021) seems to have the most issues.

system Specs:

Win 10 Pro

Ryzen 2700x, 32gb DDR4, RX570 8GB, M.2 all drives, 2.5GB Nic, Wifi 5 NIC, Running in USB 3.0 Ports.

Thoughts? Would love to chat with a Customer service rep.

Thanks in Advance,


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